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    October 1, 2015
    Fall Decor On A Budget

    Happy October, everyone! Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing, and the air is crisper. Fall is my favorite season, and every time it rolls around it brings the temptation to spend all my money on décor. No matter how much I love Fall and Halloween, my frugal nature always keeps me from blowing my budget on decorations, when I feel that it could be used for something more useful. However, that doesn’t mean that your house has to be boring and devoid of celebration. For tips on decorating seasonally, but doing it on a shoestring budget, check out this post by Erin at How To Nest For Less:

    -Check out dollar stores like Dollar General for seasonal items

    -Faux flowers bring the colors of Fall into a room for much less

    -Add colorful throw pillows for a big statement for little cost.

    -DIY- make a Fall wreath, decorate pumpkins, and customize your own crafts.

    Photo Credit: Le Living and Co 

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    September 16, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: Amazing Home Mural

    Photo from freshome

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    September 1, 2015
    Fall Decor Ideas

    It’s finally September 1st! Even though the “official” first day of Fall isn’t for a couple more weeks, September = Fall in my eyes. And that means it’s time to bust out the seasonal décor. September 1st is the earliest acceptable day to put out your Halloween decorations, or any other autumnal swag. Having tasteful seasonal décor is also a great way to stage your home if you are selling. For gorgeous Fall décor ideas, check out this post at Mccue Mortgage:

    -Bring in the “fauxliage”- string fake leaves over banisters, the mantel, or around the doorway.

    -Go for a woodsy feel- pinecones are a neglected Fall item!

    -Use the pumpkins on your step to carve your home address

    -Bring on the pumpkins and the gourds!

    Photo Credit: Homespot HQ 

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    August 31, 2015
    Tips On Shopping For Items For Your New Home

    My boyfriend of five years and I have started looking for places together. We are hoping to move in to an apartment, duplex, or town home by December to start saving for a down payment on an actual home. Now, we are extremely lucky in that we both have almost all the furnishings we need. I have a couch, he has a bed, and his parents just bought a new washer and dryer, so they are giving us their old ones. The only other things we really need are a dining room table, chairs, a dresser, and possibly a new TV if we have the money. Now, even if you have similar tastes, shopping for home goods can be challenging. Personally, I’m fairly girly with my taste. I like purple, ruffles, and all things bohemian. I would consider my boyfriend a minimalist. He likes neutral colors, metallics, and functional items. So, that’s why I’m sharing this article by Fred Albert at Houzz. Here are several steps to shopping for furnishings and décor together:

    -Decide your colors- pick color schemes for each room that you can both agree on.

    -Look at the furniture you already have- if it is cheap or outdated, let it go.

    -Work out the entire room before you hit the store- have a sense of what you want each piece to look like.

    -Don’t get locked in to decorating the entire room around one item! This is a common mistake.

    Photo Credit: Nicholas Eckhart 

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    August 28, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Trend Alert- Copper Decor

    I am all about this current copper trend! I love that it is both metallic and warm. I’m going to get a copper pot/pan set as soon as I can!

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    August 20, 2015
    Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Weekend

    Changing the way your space looks doesn’t need to take a ton of money, or even a lot of time. Sometimes, just rearranging your furniture, opening the windows, and adding a fresh coat of paint are all that your home needs to look dramatically better. If you plan on staging your home for sale, or just need a quick way to update your look, check out these ideas by Laura at The Turquoise Home:

    -Board and batten, add wainscoting or other architectural details

    -Frame the bathroom mirrors

    -Paint, paint, paint! It is the easiest, cheapest way to customize a room or furniture

    -Change out the light fixtures

    -Changes the shades/curtains

    Photo Credit: United Soybean Board 

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    August 14, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Decor Idea- Air Plant Terrariums

    These are irresistibly cute and easy to take care of!

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    August 13, 2015
    Apartment Alterations

    One of the biggest plus sides of owning your home is that you can do whatever you want with it. Paint the ceiling. Don’t like a wall? Knock it down! Drill holes, add windows, tile the bathroom- whatever you can imagine (and afford), you can do. With renting, it’s considered a luxury if they let you paint your walls (as long as you paint it back when you move out). For me, not having my space personalized is a huge downer. I like my rooms to be a reflection of who I am, and with renting it’s often hard to do that. Well, not anymore! There are plenty of renter-friendly projects you can do to renovate your area. Check out this post by Justina Blakeney at Ebay for ideas:

    -Use tension rods to hang curtains, towels, and other fabrics.

    -Install temporary wallpaper! Yes, it exists!

    -Try an outdoor rug in your kitchen if you dislike the flooring

    Photo Credit: Maureen Didde 

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    August 12, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: Simple and Clean

    Photo from Bolkv

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    August 6, 2015
    Staging Ideas For The Lazy Seller

    In this market, sellers can afford to be a little lazy. It’s highly competitive out there for buyers, and if your house looks somewhat liveable and is decently priced, you will most likely sell it. But, if you want to get the full value of your home, you will have to do a little work. Just a little! The bare minimum of getting your home ready to show isn’t hard to do. Check out these super simple staging tips by Jessica Schweppe at the Zurple blog:

    -Focus on decluttering- If you do no staging whatsoever, decluttering will still make a huge impact on how inviting your home is.

    -Remove personal items, knick knacks, and distractions

    -Make sure each room has a defined purpose- get rid of the nursery/office and the dining room/gym.

    That’s it! Your home can be ready to show in a day!

    Photo Credit: Laura D’Alessandro 

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