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    February 2, 2012
    Remodeling Done Correctly

    In Ireland, the people responsible for remodeling this gorgeous schoolhouse did it right!

    The Schoolhouse in Annaghmore, County Sligo was built in the 1860s to educate local children. From the ‘before’ picture, we can tell that, at a certain point, either the pupils or the teachers stopped turning up for class. After years in the undergrowth, the ILT did their homework (get it? School? Homework? Never mind) and turned the schoolhouse into the kind of fairytale spot where you’d expect to see Snow White leaning out the window, chomping on an apple with a suspicious look on her face.

    This before and after picture is definitely a WOW!  It looks like a new roof was clearly needed and the brick (or stone) was scrubbed. I would love to see photos inside the house as well!

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