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    July 29, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: Pallet Shoe Organizer

    Photo from Bloglovin

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    July 28, 2015
    Read This Before You Move Out

    August is almost upon us, and you know what that means. Millions of young adults are moving out for the first time, and heading off to college or work (or probably both). If you have a kid leaving, or if you are moving out yourself, there are all kinds of things that need to be wrapped up- and not just your stuff. Check out this post by Amanda Bridge at Srtrends for what to get done before you move out:

    -Update your insurance, especially if you are moving out of state

    -Change your doctor

    -Get your own cell plan

    -Make sure your driver’s license is up to date

    -Set up a moving budget, and a budget for your new place

    Photo Credit: Texas A & M University Flickr 

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    July 27, 2015
    Declutter Today: Things To Throw Away Now

    I’m always looking for ways to un-complicate my life. As I’ve written about before, in my teenage/college years, I was on the fast track to becoming a full on hoarder. I’m still fairly messy, but I make time to clean every day, and I go through my belongings and toss things a few times a year. Clothes that don’t fit, old magazines, expired cosmetics. Still, there always seems to be extra junk laying around. That’s why I love this article by Emily Co at Popsugar- she lists over 100 things that are probably cluttering up your home and your life. Here are some that I’m still guilty of:

    -Scraps of old wrapping paper

    -Shoes, handbags, or scarves you don’t wear/use.

    -Old toiletries

    -Old paperwork (shred anything personal)

    -Rusty jewelry

    -Old textbooks or schoolwork that you won’t use again.

    -Anything you’ve been guilt tripped into keeping- gifts you don’t like, or old hand-me-downs. If it has no sentimental value, toss it.

    Photo Credit: Abdulla Al Muhairi 

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    July 24, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: How To Style With Curtains

    Curtains are a great way to make a big statement inexpensively.

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    July 23, 2015
    Creating A Dazzling Entryway

    If you’re trying to sell your home, nothing is more important than a good first impression. You can create that in a listing by having professional photos taken of your clean, clutter-free home. In person, though, it’s a little different. For a showing, the first thing that a buyer sees will be your entry way. Check out these tips by Justina Blakeney at Ebay for creating a memorable entrance:

    -Decorate the foyer- use ceramic plates, baskets, or anything that will brighten up the space.

    -The little things matter- small details like doorknobs, plates, and hinges will not go unnoticed

    -Reflect- mirrors make small entryways look bigger

    -Bring in some plants to add color and life

    Photo Credit: Emily May 

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    July 22, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: Crisp and Cozy Bedroom

    Photo from Hege in France

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    July 21, 2015
    Get Your Home Sold Fast

    It’s a seller’s market out there today, and many houses are not sitting for long without being sold. As long as your home is fairly priced (and doesn’t look like a total disaster), chances are that it will sell quickly. However, if you need to move out quickly and get your home sold extra fast, you will need to go the extra mile. Check out these stellar seller tips by Andrew Fortune at Great Colorado Homes:

    -Update your landscaping- curb appeal is important because first impressions are everything.

    -Move out now, or make it look like you have- vacant homes usually show more than occupied ones.

    -Add new paint and flooring

    -Consider doing a professional video walkthrough.

    Photo Credit: Mark Moz 

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    July 20, 2015
    What To Do After You Move In

    Once you get moved in to your new home, it can seem like the end of the very long journey that is the home buying process. However, getting moved in is only the beginning of becoming a home owner. There are still lots of things to check off your list as you get settled. Check out this post by Lauren at My Passion Journey for her top tips for new homeowners:

    -Don’t buy the most expensive home you can afford- you will need extra for repairs and other unexpected expenses

    -Figure out the best pest control company in your new area

    -Look into a Home Warranty if you purchased a pre-owned home

    -Start with small remodeling projects and work your way up

    -If you upgrade any appliances, look into energy efficient models.

    Photo Credit: lungstruck

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    July 17, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Star Trek House Transformation

    Whether you’re a Star Trek fan or not, you have to admit that this level of dedication is impressive. Who wouldn’t want to live in a spaceship?

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    July 16, 2015
    How To Save Money Faster

    If you are saving up to buy your first home, getting enough money together for a down payment can seem like it takes forever. Especially if you have other bills you are paying (who doesn’t?), or if you are stuck in a minimum wage job. But, no matter what you pay every month, and no matter what your income, there are always corners to cut to pump up your savings account. For tips, check out this post by Carlie Kercheval at Today’s Frugal Mom:

    -Every time you get paid, pay yourself first- even if it’s only $1, there should be money going into your savings account whenever you get a paycheck

    -Save the difference- if you go couponing or get a good deal on something, put the money you saved away for later. It will start to add up.

    -Make frugal living a priority- make intentional decisions to not spend. Again, put the money you save away.

    Photo Credit: Images of Money 

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