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    March 4, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: 1930′s Inspired Unique Doorway

    Photo from Mattsko

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    March 3, 2015
    For Realtors: Client Appreciation 101

    If you work in a small town, chances are that your client base is going to be mostly friends, family, and acquaintances. If that’s the case, you probably truly care about them and wish the best for them in life. Even it you don’t live in a small town, you probably also form quick bonds with clients and want to do everything you can to provide them with the best service possible. Showing your clients that you appreciate them is a great way to maintain that relationship, as well as a way to generate leads in the future. Check out this post by Matthew Bushery at Placester for great things to do for your clients:

    -Have a pizza delivered to their home on move-in day

    -Throw a housewarming party, invite the neighbors!

    -Hire a cleaning crew to help out your sellers

    -Get buyers some thoughtful knick-knacks for their new homes

    -Secure a local membership to somewhere fun- museums, wine clubs, golf courses, anything!

    -Refer customers to your client’s business- they’re sure to do the same for you.

    Photo Credit: ganeshaisis 

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    March 2, 2015
    Congrats! Your Offer Has Been Accepted…

    …Now what? You may be tempted to think that this is the end of the home buying journey, but it’s really just the beginning of a whole new process: closing. There are still all sorts of things to be done, but this infographic by Andrew Fortune at Great Colorado Homes has got you covered! A Realtor will also be able to guide you through the process, but here is basic overview:

    -Submit Earnest money

    -Property inspections

    -Start the mortgage process with your lenders, get proper documents together and ready

    -Title commitment


    -Home owners insurance, warranties

    -Turn on utilities

    -Final walkthrough, then official closing

    Photo Credit: Martin Pettitt 

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    February 27, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Closet Organization

    Spring is blessedly almost here! Get into the Spring cleaning mindset by organizing your closet.

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    February 26, 2015
    What Agents Should Write About On Their Blogs

    If you’re a Realtor, running your own blog is a great way to get the word out about your listings, as well as give prospective clients a peek into who you are. They give you a chance to share your knowledge and help people out as well! First time home buyers often look at real estate blogs before making the move to buy. But, what to write about? If all you do is advertise, it will turn people off- fast. For the type of content people crave, check out this post by Andrew Gale at Flyerco:

    -Local market updates- about once a month

    -Neighborhood updates- whenever they happen

    -Your listings/open houses- but put your own personal expertise behind it

    -Buyer and seller questions

    Photo Credit: Jacob Botter 

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    February 25, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: Tiny Fairytale House

    Photo from Dying Of Cute Tumblr

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    February 24, 2015
    How Not To Buy A Home

    Buying a home can go smoothly if you know what you are doing, and have a Realtor to help you out along the way. But, there are some hidden pitfalls that can ensnare you if you don’t know they’re there! The key is to educate yourself. The more prepared you are, the less that will go wrong. And, if something does go wrong, you will know how to handle it. Check out this infographic by Jensen and Company for the most common mistakes people make when buying a home:

    -Don’t apply for a new credit card

    -Don’t switch jobs

    -Don’t buy your furniture before closing

    -Don’t spend your savings

    -Don’t fall behind on any payments

    All of these could negatively affect your credit score, making it more likely for your mortgage application to get rejected.

    Photo Credit: Jazbeck 

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    February 23, 2015
    Want To Buy A House, But Can’t Afford It?

    It’s a pretty common problem for college grads and first time buyers. Likely, you have lots of debt, and are only working an entry level position with low income (if you are lucky enough to have found a job after graduating). But, life doesn’t slow down. Every year, you get older and life events happen- marriage, children, moving. So how do you buy a house when you just can’t afford it? Check out this post by Nancy Cook at CNN Money for tips on this all too familiar situation. Their advice? Try out a shared equity housing program:

    The shared-equity model also accomplishes two key goals for its beneficiaries and for communities. First, it helps low- and middle-income people save money by requiring mortgage payments month to month without having to worry about the down payment (often, the sticking point for first-time buyers). Second, it helps to preserve affordable housing throughout the community.

    Photo Credit: Dan Moyle 

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    February 20, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Quirky Furniture For The Creative Soul

    I especially love the drawers under the stairs and the suitcase shelves!

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    February 19, 2015
    Winter Is Coming…Protecting Your Shak From The Storms

    Well, no. Winter is here and it is in full swing. (I’ve also been reading too much Game of Thrones. I just finished the last book, haha). I live in the mid-south, and we’ve been absolutely pummeled all week from ice storms. Roads are completely iced over, schools have been shut down, and most businesses are even closed. On Monday, our power was out for about four hours because an iced-over tree fell on a power line. In this dangerous weather, the best thing you can do is STAY HOME! Don’t go anywhere unless it’s absolutely crucial (like when we ran out of diapers). Focusing on your home will keep your shak and your family safe. Here is how to prepare for a gruesome winter storm (there is still more to come!) from Barb at Simply Preparing:

    -Gas up your cars, have plenty of gas on hand for generators

    -Go to the store before the storm hits, stock up on everything! It’s a good idea to have a 3 month supply of freezer meals and canned food/ nonperishables as well. Be sure to also have refills of prescriptions!

    -Bring outdoor animals indoors

    -Wrap pipes, leave water dripping, open sink doors to keep pipes from freezing (a burst pipe can cost you serious money).

    -Plan how to heat your home if the power goes out. Stock up on wood for the fireplace, have cell phones and emergency radios charged and ready, have candles and flash lights easily accessible.

    Remember everyone, stay prepared and be safe!

    Photo Credit: Matteo Paciotti 

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